Azerbaijan Democratic Republic
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Collapse of the ADR

The Resolution of the Parliament to Hand Over Power to the Communists

April 27, 1920
11 p.m.

On discussing your letter dated April 27, and taking into account your proposal, the committee elected by us decided:

Full sovereignty of Azerbaijan ruled by the soviet power would be guarded;

The organ created by the Azerbai­jan Communist party would be a tempo­rary one;

The last managing form of Azerbai­jan is defined by the soviet of representa­tives of workers, peasants and soldiers in the face of the supreme legislative organ without any influence from abroad.

All employees of the governmental managements remain in their places and only those are changed who occupies very high positions;

The newly established temporary communist government guarantees the untouchibility of the life and property of the parliament and government members;

Measure will be taken not to allow the «Red Army» to enter Baku by fighting;

The new government will take de­cisive measures against foreign powers having the aim to scarify the sovereignty of Azerbaijan and will use all means being at its disposal.

These terms were accepted by majority of votes at the extraordinary meeting of the Parliament of Azerbaijan.

The Chairman of the Parliament: Mammad Yusif Jafarov 
The Director of Chancellery:                                   Vakilov

The “Communist” Newspaper", May 6, 1920.