Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

Photo Archive

Seal of the Baku State University

ADR government’s address to the Azerbaijani people about the currency in circulation

A. Topchubashov’s congratulatory letter on the occasion of launching the first radio station. November 28, 1919

Resolution on the announcement of Azerbaijani-Turkic language as a state language

A. Topchubashov’s letter to the chairman of the Paris Peace Conference on the recognition of Azerbaijan’s independence. May 31, 1919

Law on establishment of the parliament

Telegram about proclamation of independence. May 30, 1918

ADR government’s information on maintaining the public order. September 18, 1918

A. Topchubashov’s letter to the Great Britain delegation at the Paris Peace Conference. July 25, 1919

Announcement of the declaration of independence. Tiflis, May 28, 1918

Azerbaijani delegation participated in the Paris Peace Conference. Paris, 1919

"Azerbaijan" information bulletin published by the Azerbaijani delegation in Paris. October, 1919

Representatives of the ADR at the Paris Peace Conference. From left to right: Mahammad Maharramov, Miryagub Mehdiyev, and Alimardan bey Topchubashov. Paris, 1920

Meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers. May 7, 1919

The envelope containing the ribbon of the opening ceremony of the Azerbaijan National Bank. September 30, 1919

The text of the declaration of independence

The text of the declaration of independence in French

The young people sent abroad to study (1919)

Guard unit of parliament of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

Parliamentary office staff together with a group of deputies