Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

Diplomatic representations

Foreign policy and diplomatic relations during the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic were realized through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies, diplomatic missions and consulates of Azerbaijan in foreign countries, as well as diplomatic missions and consulates of foreign states in Azerbaijan.

Ministers of Foreign Affairs during the ADR

Mahammadhasan Hajinski May 28 – October 6 1918

Alimardan bey Topchubashov October 6-December 6 1918

Fatali khan Khoyski December 26 1918 – April 14 1919

December 22 1919 – April 27 1920

Mammadyusif Jafarov April 14- December 22 1919

Embassies, missions and consulates of Azerbaijan abroad

Head of Delegation to Paris Peace Conference – Alimardan bey Topchubashov

Diplomatic representative in Armenia:

  1. Mahammad bey Tekinski
  2. Abdurrehim bey Hagverdiyev
  3. Teymur bey Makinski

Diplomatic representative in Georgia:

  1. Mammadyusif Jafarov
  2. Faris bey Vekilov

Diplomatic representative in the Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus – Abdurrehim bey Hagverdiyev

Diplomatic representative in Turkey:

  1. Alimardan bey Topchubashov
  2. Yusif bey Vezirov (Chemenzeminli)

Diplomatic representative in Iran – Adil khan Ziyadkhanov

Vice-consul in Enzeli – Mahammad bey Khalilov

Consulate General in Tabriz, Consulate in Rasht, Vice Consulate in Mashhad, Consular Agencies in Khoy and Ahar were opened on April 1, 1920.

Representative in Turkustan (Zakaspi)Akbar aga Sadigov

Authorized representative and trade agent under the government of Kuban and Don – Jafar bey Rustembeyov

Consulate General in Batum – Mahmud bey Efendiyev

Diplomatic representative in Ukraine – Yusif bey Vezirov (Chemenzeminli), consul – Jamal Sadigov

Consular agent in Crimea – Sheykh Ali Huseynov

In the years 1918-1920, the Government of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic had diplomatic representations in Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, the Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus and Turkistan, the embassy in Iran, authorized representative at the Kuban and Don governments and a plenipotentiary delegation to the Paris Peace Conference.
In those years, a number of states had diplomatic representations with spetial missions in Baku:




United Kingdom

Vice Consul Gevelke

Kladbisshenskaya Str, 11
(Russian-Asian Bank Depository)


Diplomatic Representative G.A. Bekzadyan

Telefonnaya Str, 5


Consul Ayvazov

Gorchakovskaya Str, 19


Consul Koussis

Corner of Gogolevskaya and Molokanskaya street


Diplomatic Representative N.S. Alshibay

Politseyskaya Str, 20


E.F. Bisring

Birzhevaya Str, 32
(Elektricheskaya Sila company building)


Chief of the 8th Mission, Enrico Ensom
Consul L. Grikurov

Molokanskaya, 35
Krasnovodskaya, 8


Consul Vincas Mickevičius

Pozenovskaya, 15


Consul Saad Ul Vizirov

Corner of Gubernskaya Str and Spasskaya Str


Consul S. Rylsky

Politseyskaya Str, 15

United States

Consul Randolph

Krasnovodskaya Str, 8


Consul Golovan

Nikolayevskaya Str, 8
(Mirzabeyov brothers' house)


Consul Vegelius

(Nobel Brothers' office)


Consul Emelyanov

Vodovoznaya Str.
(Mitrofanovs house)


Consul Clateau

Birzhevaya Str, 14


Consul R.K. Vander-Ploug

Corner of Persidskaya and Gubernskaya streets

The draft law on “Education of diplomatic missions of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Western Europe and America and abolishment of the Azerbaijan mission to the Paris Peace Conference” prepared by the government was discussed and passed by the Parliament after the recognition of the independent Azerbaijan by the Council of Entente. According to this draft law diplomatic missions in Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Germany, Russia and Poland (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Ukraine, Romania) were planned to be launched starting with April 1, 1920.
However, grossly violating international laws, the Soviet-Bolshevik regime occupied the Northern Azerbaijan, bringing an end to diplomatic relations of the independent Azerbaijan Democratic Republic de-facto recognized by foreign countries and to its representation on international arena.